Friday, November 16, 2007

"Passed" Painter of the Day

This week I've been working on a floor cloth special order, and on a "commissioned" piece for my husband. As busy as we all can be during this can you say "no" to your husband?! He asked if I would paint a portrait of Mary and Baby Jesus for the Christmas music program for our church. If the "commissioned" painting of 'Mary and Babe' turns out I'll post a pic when it's completed.

My son's school Art curriculum for this week was another unit on portraits. I am really loving this!....he is being a sweet boy and trying to enjoy it with me! We are beginning another lesson on portraitists. This week we studied Thomas Sully 1783-1872, who was born in England and moved with his parents to the United States when he was nine. He attended school in New York, but when his mother died, the family moved to South Carolina where his uncle ran a theater and Thomas acted in plays with his brothers.
Thomas' older brother was a painter of miniatures and taught Thomas how to paint. Thomas opened a studio of his own, but wasn't happy with his work, so he traveled to England to further his painting skills and education.
When he returned to the US, he settled in Philadelphia, but traveled throughout the states painting and even traveled to England to paint Queen Victoria.

Thomas Sully painted what he called "Fancy pictures". His style of using soft colors and shadows to create a warm and tender lifelike image of his subjects made him a popular artist and one that is recognized today. Here are a few of the over 2,000 portraits attributed to him.

~I'll be finishing up the floor cloths and painting the new bookcase this weekend.....hope you have a good one~

References: My son's home school curriculum.


Christine LeFever said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, Suzanne.

I recognize you and have admired your work.

Oooh, floor cloths; it's been so long since I've made one.

Thomas Sully is fascinating. I shall have to explore him more. Thank you for telling about him.


Miss Maddie's said...

Sully was a fantastic painter! His portrait of the young Victoria Regina is one of my favorites.He captured her timidness yet regal bearing so well.
Once again thankyou for sharing this lovely post and expanding my knowledge too. Susan

Lana said...

Suzanne ~ how sweet of you to do a painting for your husband. I'm looking forward to seeing it! Please show us the commissioned floorcloths too!

Thomas' portraits are beautiful, so soft and life-like. The one of Victoria is one of my favorites.

Cathy Nash said...

I always enjoy your lessons! Almost like I'm homeschooled too. :-) The painting of the boy is absolutely stunning.

Best to you~

Eccentricities Studio said...

Oh Suzanne ... this makes me miss homeschooling even more. What a nice art lesson, and I do love Thomas Sully's portraits ... almost as much as I love yours!!!

I am eager to see your "commissioned" work ... hope you have a lovely weekend!


the feathered nest said...

The painting of the boy is so sweet & beautiful! Enjoyed reading about Mr. Sully.

That's nice of you to take on that special "commission"! I'd love to see it when your done and the floor cloth too!

Have a great weekend!