Monday, April 30, 2007

Lilac and Lavender

This weekend we had beautiful weather in Boise. Since we moved here from Arizona about a year and a half ago, things have not slowed down long enough to do much in the yard except weed control and mowing.
I felt a sense of major accomplishment in AZ when I finally was able to establish an herb garden!! I think it was right after we installed the irrigation system that the herbs started to grow!....hmmmm, all they needed was a little more water? In AZ?? Go figure.
A few weekends ago, I planted a "baby" herb garden...."baby" because it is just the basics: thyme, oregano, yarrow (for color), santolina, and some germander. I also transplanted some lavender from our front yard.

Lavender is one of my favorite fragrances. The lavender bed we inherited is so fragrant.....but I haven't been tending it as I should. Other than cutting stems for vases, I haven't touched it at all. Here is a before and after of my Saturday in the lavender bed!

Another lovely plant..or tree? we aquired when we moved into the house was a long row of lilac trees. They are almost in full bloom and when they are, look beautiful as they line the outside fence. This photo shows one of the trees that is starting to "pop" with color and fragrance! Oh My!!! The fragrance is wonder.....ACHOO!...ful!


Anonymous said...

I found you from Andrea's site " Southern heart.

Your paintings are just breath taking.
I too love lavender and lilac. And add apricot roses, and gardenias and sweet alyssum to the flower story and you have my favorite flowers.
Please stop by Robin Sherwood frecklefarm and say hello.
I am so glad I found you.

Anonymous said...

I am signing in so you can find your way through the garden path to my home
robin sherwood frecklefarm

Lana said...

Suzanne, I can almost smell your lilac bushes... ummmm! I'm glad you had a nice day to work in your herb garden. I can't wait to see it as it progresses this year.
Take Care & God Bless,

gina said...

Ah, I see we are fellow Idahoans! The lilacs up north are just starting to bloom. Sunday is the running of the Lilac Bloomsday race in Spokane, where the lilacs have been blooming for a couple of weeks already. I'm envious of your lavendar. I love the smell....mmmmmmm.