Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year, New Name , New Place


It has been a very long while since I posted! Some of you are friends with me on Facebook, and some are pinners with me over on Pinterest. But, since I've taken a bit of a break from selling online, I haven't posted on my blog.

Painting, however, has not stopped! I'm not sure I can call my self a "self-taught" artist any longer.
I've taken some local watercolor classes in my area and I've discovered Craftsy~ an online learning website. And, I'm enrolled in an online school (self-paced) to learn the techniques used by artist Anna Mason  (the painting above is one of the many I've painted while in her school).

I've also been researching and teaching myself techniques from the masters of ink and watercolor. I'm most enamored with Arthur Rackham. (below is a painting I did of Arthur's "alice in wonderland"...trying to figure out his technique!)

So, I'm kinda all over the place and enjoying it a lot! I'm even trying my hand at digital art! (below is a digital painting I did, which my husband called, "Night Toad" ! :)

So, with the new year, and the new techniques, I've decided to change my online presence just a bit.
Here is a link to my new website:  

 ( it is rough right now, but I'm working on it....add website configuration to the list of things I'm learning!)

On the new website (which is a wordpress format) I'll have a blog. Click Here to say "hi" and let me know if it is working! 

ps. I've changed my selling name on Etsy and will hopefully have some art to add in there soon!